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About me

Hey everyone! I'm Louis, a 23-year-old with around 13 years of experience delving into Dungeons and Dragons 5e and other TTRPGs, mainly as a Dungeon Master. I love storytelling and cherish the cooperative spirit that TTRPGs foster. My primary goal is to create an entertaining and all-welcoming atmosphere for my players to craft stories collectively and embark on grand adventures. When I'm not adventuring through the realms of TTRPGs, I'm a mechanical engineer and professional ballroom and Latin dancer and teacher! As such, I thoroughly enjoy all kinds of art and relishing the opportunity to introduce newcomers to this fantastic hobby. Over the years, I've run dozens of campaigns on Discord (using roll20), in addition to in-person campaigns. I take immense pleasure in DMing for both seasoned and novice players, drawing inspiration for my Dungeon Mastering style from the likes of Brennan Lee Mulligan and Matthew Mercer. While my games strike a balance between roleplay and combat, I have a special fondness for nurturing character interactions and dialogue, particularly within the party. I spend a lot of my free time learning story writing techniques especially for dialogue and character growth, and how to write mysteries. My utmost commitment is to ensure that my games are enjoyable, inclusive, and secure for all participants. I emphasize open communication and provide an atmosphere for my players to escape into and savor the fun. Ultimately, we engage in this hobby to have a good time, and that is precisely the experience I aim to deliver through my games—where enjoyment, safety, and fairness are paramount for everyone involved!

GM style

In my Dungeon Mastering style, roleplay takes center stage as the catalyst for an unforgettable narrative to unfold. I wholeheartedly encourage players to engage in immersive interactions with both NPCs and, even more significantly, among themselves. The bonds formed between characters don't just enhance the overarching story; they breathe life into the personal journeys of each character within this rich world, interweaving with the plot threads that ensnare them. Witnessing character development in the midst of a session ignites a warm fire in my DM heart, and it's a dynamic I eagerly foster. Voices are encouraged but never forced. I understand that each player has their own comfort zone, and I respect that. However, I'm committed to breathing life into NPCs, ensuring that each one feels distinct and genuine. While I relish the tactical aspects of combat, it doesn't overshadow the importance of roleplay, exploration, or any other facets of the game. What truly excites me is seeing players' strategic prowess and cleverness shine through during battles. I actively encourage players to add flavor to their actions, whether it's describing how they swing an axe or conjure a fireball. It's an option, not an obligation. When it comes to combat, I strive to make each encounter meaningful and unique, often asking the player responsible for the final blow, "How do you want to do this?" This practice extends to larger foes or 'Boss battles,' making every combat encounter purposeful and distinct. My understanding of the ruleset is extensive, but I'm not infallible. If a rule is unclear in the heat of the moment, we can swiftly resolve it together. I welcome players to question my rulings and I'll provide my reasoning. Learning and inclusivity are values I hold dear, and I've introduced some homebrew rules, leaning towards the "rule of cool" when needed. My style doesn't adhere to a DM-versus-PC mentality. Instead, I offer a foundation for players to shape the story themselves. Creativity is encouraged in approaching combat and other scenes, as I relish the unexpected outcomes sparked by player choices. Even a Total Party Kill (TPK) won't halt the campaign, as it becomes an opportunity for a new narrative twist. Smart players usually only meet their end due to unlucky rolls, and a wise party is not likely to face a TPK. Resurrection is a viable option, always interwoven with roleplay. I'm readily available and present throughout the week, not just in the lead-up to or aftermath of our sessions. If you have questions about your character, wish to revisit a past session, or explore future character ideas, feel free to reach out at any time. I revel in complex player characters with rich backstories that I can seamlessly incorporate into the story. My preferred plots are intricate, layered, and laden with moral choices that drive character development. I seek to ensure that each adventure leaves a tangible mark on the player's character, going beyond experience points and loot to provide an experience that is genuinely transformative.

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