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About me

I am a friendly DM with over 20 years of experience DMing. You can expect a ton of preparation on my end to provide a unique experience going through the official modules adapted to better suit the player's style and needs. I run my games on Foundry VTT with good music and nice special effects. Discord is used for voice chat. Webcam is optional. My players would describe me as a well-prepared and friendly DM who knows the rules and how to apply them, but also has a very open attitude when it comes to cooperative storytelling. I am a big fan of philosophy, arts, religions and everything that inspires us and gets us thinking about where we came from, why are we here, what the hell are we supposed to do and where are we going after this!? I am a very by-the-book dm in terms of rules. I also love voices for role-playing and combat scenarios with more than just a giant slugfest taking place. I want my players to think and feel the way their characters do. To me, It's all about the characters and their interactions with each other. Thinking beyond the character sheet to create cinematic events that people talk about for years. The games I run are mostly drawn from the official Wizards of the Coast publications for 5th edition, with some key supplements from Kobold Press, Sly Flourish, and others. However, in each campaign, I make sure to engage with the player characters' backgrounds, which begins with a session zero in which we create characters together suited to each campaign's theme.

GM style

I enjoy running campaigns with strong themes and narrative unity, where characters are closely integrated with the world and the setting. I put a lot of effort into adjusting the campaign to the characters created jointly by the players during session zero. I tend to run published official 5e modules from WOTC (or updated modules from other editions) but I always make changes to suit each group. I pride myself on running pretty fast-paced campaigns and adventurers, and I like to think that my players feel that they have achieved something significant in each session. Of course, every campaign is different and I like to suit the "feel" of the campaign to the theme. The balance between roleplaying, combat and exploration can vary widely between each campaign, as well. While one campaign might feature many epic, strategic battles, another might require players to find creative solutions to avoid conflict altogether. There is a big difference between adventuring in a well-governed city like Waterdeep and a fetid swamp in far-off Chult! The best way to find a game that suits your expectations is to have a discussion about what parts of fantasy roleplaying excite YOU the most: Send me a message telling me what kind of fiction you enjoy reading, what kind of video games you enjoy, or what kind of films you see your character starring in, and that will tell me a lot about what the right campaign for you is. Why Foundry VTT instead of Roll20? I used to DM using Roll20 for a while and after I learned about Foundry, it was hard to go back. In Foundry, with the server quality we use in AWS, everything loads almost instantly and there are awesome modules to streamline the boring parts of the virtual game and add some fantastic effects when you attack or cast spells that make that game this much better. Player Agency - It's important that players know that their choices matter. The game environment will change and react to the player's actions from minute to minute, and session to session Immersion - I do my best to get players to focus on the game environment, instead of their dice or specific rules. If you tell me a story that would make sense and it would be fun for you and the group, there should be a way to try it. Dice - 99% of the time I roll in front of players unless it would give away too much about what is going on, like a stealth check or something similar, but I review the roll later using Foundry hide and show rolls system when appropriate. Using Foundry I can hide the name of the NPCs and Monsters so that you are not tempted to look them up online. :) NPCs - I customize a lot of my NPCs specially as the campaign progresses and for some reason, the characters might be at a different level than the campaign was designed for at a particular point. Monsters - I follow the Dungeon Master rules for new monsters and CRs and any customization I make. Magic Items and resources - I am a generous DM and I love what magic items bring to the game, so if you want something, please feel free to message me. Otherwise expect to have access to magic items and currency. I also follow the recommendation in the Dungeon Masters Book for magic items and currency distribution. Levelling - I love how levelling brings new ground to be explored with different dimensions for each character and to our game, so you can expect to level up every two to three sessions depending on how things progress. You are welcome to learn how to use Foundry VTT beforehand:


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