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About me

My name is DerWolf I have been GMimg for over 27 years having started game mastering back in the days of second edition D&D! Today I run a number of different systems including; Pathfinder1e & 2e, Star Trek Adventures, Fallout 2d20, Battletech RPG, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Dungeon and Dragons (All Editions) Call of Cthulhu7th edition and many other lesser known TTRPGs. If you have a system you'd like to try, message me and let's talk about setting up a game! My main goal in all games is to focus on the players enjoying each session. This is of course the responsibility of the Game Master but also falls onto the players to make sure they are working with the game master and the other players in the interest of collaborative story telling and good ole fashioned roleplaying fun. I strive each session to help everyone feel engaged and involved in the story so that the collaboration part of, collaborative story telling, is easy! If you'd like to talk about a custom game setting or specific system don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm happy to work with you and your friends to set up the game of your dreams! With all that said, let me put it this way... "As a table top roleplaying game master, my goal is to ruin all other game masters for you. I want to be the one you compare all others to, that's how I try to prepare and run my games!" Happy gaming!

GM style

What you can expect: I adore roleplay and love a good mix of that and combat. I tend towards a 70/30 split between roleplay and combat depending on the system and where the particular story finds itself during any given session! I do my best with voices and while I am not a voice actor it's something I work on improving during every session, my goal is to make each NPC believable, memorable and relatable! My all time favorite rule is the "rule of cool", just sell me on an idea that is not exactly rules as written and I am likely to say yes if it advances the story in a fun and collaborative way! I also will provide a 1080p high definition recording of every session to the players if desired! This way you have a recording of each of our amazing sessions! Woo! TLDR: šŸŽ­ Believable, memorable and relatable NPC interactions šŸŽ¶ Captivating music for both inside and outside of combat āš”ļø challenging and immersive tactical combat šŸ¤— A safe and accepting environment for all walks of life šŸ’„ Colorful, inspiring and relevant maps for both combat and roleplay via roll20 šŸ’Ŗ Lots of help if you are new to the system or TTRPGs in general. My goal is to help you foster a passion and love of the TTRPG experience!


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