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About me

Hello! I am a mid 40's father of three. I started playing D&D with my two brothers after the release of 2nd Edition. I now DM games with my wife and three kids, as well as for friends and strangers, both in home games and online. I enjoy world building as well as crafting adventures with my players. I base my campaigns on Player Character's backstories, so every campaign is unique to the party. Seeing or hearing the players reactions when they encounter something from their backstory is probably my favorite part of being a DM....that and combat scenarios that make the party a little nervous and have to think their way through! I have recently semi-retired from work and have found myself with spare time on my hands. I have always loved playing RPG's and decided that I would try DM'ing a couple games a week online as a side gig. Keeps me out of my wife's hair and gives me some extra spending cash to add to my allowance! I am new player friendly, happy to teach the ropes of the game. I have DM'd for people age 7 to 70 and am happy to have any age player at the table. I am also LGBTQ+ friendly. Two of my children are neurodivergent, one is Aspergers and the other is also on the ASD spectrum. I consider my table a safe place for anyone who considers themselves neurodivergent. I do not discriminate against anyone, nor would I ever allow discrimination in any of my games. I also have a hard line zero tolerance policy on any sexual assault related themes, none are allowed at my games. Either of these offences result in immediately being removed from the game. If you want to play in a custom one shot, or a short or long campaign, please feel free to contact me and we can get together for a chat. PS. My daughter selected the profile pic! She said it makes me look like a fun guy!

GM style

I like to run games that are a good balance of role-play, exploration and combat. I do not use a lot of traps and puzzles but will fit some in from time to time. I have a few character voices in my repertoire, but it isn't something I delve into a whole lot - you may hear the same voices used for different characters. My games are player friendly; my interpretation of that is providing player's with challenging situations and rewarding them when they think of creative and fun ways to get through those situations. I will bend the rules for the sake of fun. This is not to say the player character's will not die in my games, if players make poor choices and the rolls do not go their way, they may die. My absolute favorite part of the game is the group story telling. Using character backstories and ambitions to drive a group narrative is the goal of my games....that and FUN!

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