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About me

My Dungeon Mastering journey started in my senior year of college, a year after being introduced to D&D as a player. Ever since that first campaign as DM, I’ve alway used homebrewed worlds to challenge and entertain my players. My main goal as a DM is to create obstacles for my players that test their skills, rewarding their creativity and wit. My adventures often incorporate arcane mysteries, compelling combats, and intriguing puzzles and encourage discovering the world around your characters. My players have explored and battled their way through mazes, ancient necromancer crypts, abandoned forts, and many more dynamic locations. I hope to see you in one of my games soon!

GM style

When it comes to my campaigns, the most important element for me is the story. My goal is to incorporate my players’ backstories and ambitions into the plot and create a compelling adventure everyone can feel a part of. Bringing in friends and villains from characters’ pasts add some personal stakes to the campaign and allows the player to embody their hero. When it comes to combat, I try to incorporate at least one encounter into each session of a campaign. Using battlemaps I created, players become more immersed in the fight as they position themselves against their foes. For smaller, impromptu encounters, I employ the theater of the mind to keep battles quick and engaging. Taking a step back from the swords and sorcery, I aim to challenge my players through social encounters, dungeon puzzles, and local mysteries. Players may need to extract information from a local lord one session and decode a cryptogram to gain access to an ancient temple a few sessions later. I want to give my heroes a chance to show off their creativity and cleverness as the story progresses. And what’s a role playing game without role playing? My players are encouraged to role play with me when talking to important characters in the story but are never required to if they’re uncomfortable. I’ve been known to tweak my voice when portraying NPCs to give them more character when conversing with players. There are plenty of opportunities to even role play with your fellow adventurers. Whether it’s sitting by the campfire on guard duty or while sipping pints in the town tavern, I allow time for player characters to interact with each other. Though be kind to you party members, I don’t allow bullying in my campaigns. If this sounds like the kind of game you’d enjoy, come on in! I’d love to play with you soon.

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