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Zach M

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About me

I have been game mastering for a little over three years, starting with Dungeons and Dragons 5e, and then running Blades in the Dark and Pathfinder 2e. I have happily been the forever GM of my group, and have loved expanding my social circles, learning both the mechanics of systems and the soft skills of GMing, and putting them together to give friends old and new a chance to enjoy the combination of epic fantasy, improv comedy, and tactical creativity that only TTRPG's can provide. I am excited for a chance to GM for a new audience and look forward to helping players create stories they will always remember.

GM style

My attitude about GMing is that the players drive the story. The basic plot hook should be agreed upon at the start, whether it's hunting for a riches in a megadungeon, solving the mystery of a haunted mansion or any of the infinite possibilities for an adenture premise, but from there on out the players determine the plot points. That's what makes a TTRPG such a unique and rewarding experience that cannot be replicated other media, even interactive ones like videogames. Some systems like Forged in The Dark lean into improvisation and can be a very theatrical experience, while Pathfinder is crunchy and more like an adventure simulator. I am comfortable running with either style, though I reject the idea that some people have that there is an inherent conflict between crunch and roleplaying. I think that a good GM can easily accommodate power games and players that just love having opportunities to think of witty one-liners and get into ridiculous kinds of trouble, as long as expectations are set with a session 0. I welcome players of all backgrounds, and would consider myself particularly beginner friendly. I have also very much enjoyed how Virtual Table Tops like Foundry give me tools to make a more immersive experience for players with stuff like music, sound effects, visual effects, fog of war, and more.

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