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About me

I aim to spark some ✨magic in your week; a few hours closer to a full schedule of life-fulfillment. That may sound lofty, but that's how it feels for me to play these games with you! 🎭 Role-Play is lighthearted and improvised with occasional adult themes. ⚔️ Combat will take your party to the brink of defeat often. Keep your wits to stay alive. We're playing on an optimized Foundry VTT. Picture your character navigating interconnected maps, like a video game. If you like playing online, you are going to really enjoy this! Join my Discord:

GM style

I began running 5e games in 2023 and have since spent full-time hours creating and designing systems for TTRPGS, making them run more efficiently, mechanically and referentially, so the immersion can thrive! The point of playing these games, for me, is to bond with others through the shared "struggle" of adventuring together and solving memorable encounters. It's a rare format that has all the ingredients for developing friendships, packaged in a low pressure, largely accessible game. Great role-play is akin to an improv sketch, where we channel our character's intentions and respond to each other naturally. No sweat if you're not a professional actor (Ha I'm not either!), but if we all play pretend, as our characters, it's gonna work out fine and we'll be laughing in no time! I'm inspired by lighthearted adventures at odds with ominous forces and fierce combats. General vibe: Final Fantasy X. True Neutral DM style; leaning slightly towards the good for the newbies. Rule of Cool applies and balance always seeks itself. Unless you are a kid or you tell me otherwise, I'm going to naturally assume everyone can coexist together like adults. My games are a safe space to joke around like adults. If something at the table is bothering you, please communicate to me about it and we'll sort it out holistically. To be clear, I prefer everyone speak their mind freely. Thank you. Don't hesitate to reach out, be my guest, I'm here for ya!

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