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About me

I enjoy the 3 pillars of fantasy TTRPGs 🏰 Exploration and ancient places give me wanderlust 🏹 Combat scratches an itch in my board-game-loving brain 🧙‍♂️ Roleplaying and engaging in the setting is always fun I always loved playing board games, I always loved reading fantasy fiction... But it took me 15 years to properly take a step into the TTRPG world; I came across Critical Role's first campaign live one day and that was it, I was hooked. Ever since then, I've been heavily involved in the hobby, using different settings, systems, and genres.

GM style

⚖️ I keep a good balance between 3 pillars and encourage players to be creative in every aspect of the game. This allows different players to shine under various spotlights for an experience that is fun and engaging for everyone. 🌋 I create interesting locations, skill challenges and character puzzles for exploration scenes. Players might have to dig around, find long lost clues. Or the place might be an easter egg to keen players who are interested in the lore of the world. I sure am. 🎯 I design combat encounters to be more than "reduce enemy's HP". Players might have to find weak spots, or discover the true intentions of their foe. There might be time related, NPC related or other goals of an encounter. 🗣️ I am not great with accents but I love roleplaying through mannerisms. Players might vary between saying "I do..." and "My character does..." I think both are valuable and there's an art to both first person and third person roleplaying. I incorporate it all into my roleplaying.


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