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About me

Hello there, I'm Chris or the German GM Guy, I've been playing and GMing plenty of TTRPGS over the years, both online and in person. I put my players fun above all else, doesn't matter if you like slow meticulous combat, or hours upon hours of roleplaying never even touching a weapon, I've done all of those and plenty in between. I've made my players smile and laugh while talking to a court jester for the first time and many sessions later saw them cry when he sacrificed himself to save them. My players have stared on in disbelieve as the demon hordes overran their home village to later find immense pleasure in slaughtering them all to the last meagre little imp. I personally pride myself in crafting all the maps and props my players get to encounter myself, even while playing online. I hope I'll be your Game Master/Keeper/Marshall/etc. of choice <3

GM style

My style is customised to my players as much as possible, but I always try to keep the players engaged, dosen't matter if it's trough backbreaking combat, or roleplaying out every part of a shopping session.

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