The first week of November 2022 comes in with some great news for tabletop RPG fans new and old. Dungeons & Dragons tries to court a new player base, while also reaching out to fans of the classics. Paizo is making it easier than ever to get into Pathfinder, while Witchers get a few new foes to hunt. 

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D&D 5E Version Of Dragonlance Villain Lord Soth Revealed

Fans of Dragonlance will be excited to see this video dedicated to Lord Soth, the iconic Death Knight from Krynn. While he has existed as art in the Monster Manual for the archetypal Death Knight, the Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign gives both GMs and the WotC designers a chance to do more with the character. Death Dragons also get a highlight in the video, along with a new kind of breath weapon that will no doubt drop jaws when first revealed at the table. 

‍ESPN Highlights D&D On SportsCenter

In a show of just how far D&D has come in the public’s eye, ESPN aired a segment about the game. As spotted by, the presentation follows Cleveland Browns fullback Johnny Stanton IV, who ran a session for fellow players Myles Garrett and Wyatt Teller. The segment was only four minutes long, but gave a nice perspective from the players about how they look past the stereotypes of D&D and its players. 

Massive Paizo Humble Bundle Provides Everything You Need To Start Pathfinder & Starfinder

It’s right there in the title: Humble Bundle has an amazing new deal on a pile of Pathfinder and Starfinder content. The “Give the gift of Pathfinder & Starfinder” bundle contains 42 items for $45. For less than the cost of one book, you get PDFs of adventure paths, sourcebooks, map packs, and a physical copy of the Pathfinder 2E Beginner Box. It gives you everything you need to start and maintain a Pathfinder or Starfinder (or both) campaign for a long time. The bundle ends on November 16, so there’s time, but it’s still a great thing to pick up now as a holiday gift for someone in your gaming group. 

Witcher TTRPG Gets Free DLC For New Monsters 

R. Talsorian Games has a little Halloween gift for players of The Witcher TTRPG. This free PDF of “Monsters on the Road” adds stats for werecats, alps, and the glustyworp for use in the game. The release is part of Siriol’s Handbook, a set of free PDFs that add more to The Witcher TTRPG at no cost. Free DLC is always a treat, and we love R. Talsorian Games for it! 


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Nov 4, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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