It’s time to say goodbye to September, and welcome October with all its pumpkin-flavored everything. As some of us break out the sweaters and begin the horror movie marathon, the TTRPG world keeps turning with playtests, partnerships, and… interesting product announcements. And don’t forget that it’s still Hispanic Heritage month! We’re still celebrating our Latine/Hispanic GMs, many of which are fantastic horror storytellers. 

Roll For Latine Heritage Month

If you’re looking to see more Latine creators this month, check out this huge streaming event courtesy of TTRPGIFs. From October 7-9, Latine creators from all over the space will be running games from different systems to raise money for Puerto Rico. Their goal is to raise $1500 for this cause through streams in both Spanish and English. Things are kicking off with an Emerald Templars one-shot run by the game’s creator and StartPlaying GM DeAngelo Murillo! 

Alien RPG Gets Its Own Digital Toolset

There are few settings out there more suited for horror than Alien. So it’s great timing for Alien: The Roleplaying Game to get its own digital toolset on Nexus. With so much TTRPG play taking place remotely, it makes sense for publishers to start pursuing more convenient tech setups for their games. This move by Free League puts Alien and Mutant: Year Zero on the Nexus platform where players can access rules, tables, and more with a simple tap of their device. Both games have their core rulebooks available now on Nexus, and Alien has pre-orders available for its supplement books. 

To find a game of Alien now, check out the latest sessions run by professional GMs.

Playtest The One D&D Rogue, Bard, And Ranger

The One D&D journey continues with a look at three classes, as well as how classes are being reexamined as a whole. Many are drawing more comparisons between One D&D and Pathfinder, as well as D&D 4E with how One D&D seems to be bringing clear “roles” into focus. 

The new Unearthed Arcana video and playtest document show how One D&D plans to separate classes into four groups: Experts, Mages, Priests, and Warriors. This playtest showed off the Expert classes of Rogue, Ranger, and Bard (Artificer is considered an Expert as well but is not included in this document). The idea of them being “Experts” refers to how these classes are being geared towards skill proficiencies and further use of their various knowledge sets. 

The document also continues to show a move towards clearer rules in player-facing material, such as defining via mechanics how Persuasion and Hide actions should work. As always, discussion is mixed on social media and the best way to decide One D&D’s quality is to study the playtest material for yourself. 

Get A Jeff Goldblum Mini, Because Why Not

A Kickstarter for the Dark Dice actual play podcast features a figure of Jeff Goldblum as an elf sorcerer for a reward tier. Yes, that Jeff Goldblum. The famed actor appeared on the Long Road season, and as such is featured alongside characters from other seasons as custom minis for the Dark Dice Kickstarter. EN World reports that one can purchase mini sets based on each Dark Dice season or get characters as custom STL files to print yourself. The Kickstarter ends next week on October 7, so act fast if you want to get your own Goldblum.  

For more fun this weekend, take a look at our open sessions in D&D, Monster of the Week, Pathfinder, and more!

Sep 30, 2022

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