Whether you’re a GM looking to give life to your world or a creator who needs a snazzy cover for your product, finding the perfect picture can seem impossible. Pulling random things off Google image search is risky as you might end up taking something copyrighted. Using official art is also often a no-go due to rights issues. The only way to truly use art you own is by making it yourself or commissioning it. If you’re like me and have no artistic skill, check out these artists from the StartPlaying community. 


Lou is a classically trained illustrator and graphic designer with experience in creating images for game listings on StartPlaying. Lou’s work can be recognized by its striking use of color and contrast. By showing abstract brush strokes that frame a central figure, he aims to tell a story that invites the viewer to step into his world and go on an adventure. 

You can find samples of Lou’s work on his Instagram page, rpg.lou, or book a game with him on his profile. He charges $80 for a thumbnail and will deliver a concept in seven days, while also working with you through several steps to nail down a concept you’ll love. 


James, a.k.a. Dreams, is a self-taught artist who wants to make art that’s accessible to Dungeon Masters. They make character portraits of various sci-fi and fantasy creatures. For ad images, Dreams often poses people in creatures in dramatic ways to tease the central themes of a campaign’s story. 

Dreams offers free art on their Deviantart page for DMs to use in ad copy and in game. For commissions, they start at $20/$40 per figure for a rough sketch and top out at $100 for a lineless, colored figure. They also do simple backgrounds for free and fully drawn backgrounds for $40. They can also be booked as a DM on their profile page. For commissions and questions, please contact them on Discord at Dreams#9466. 


Anyone who looks at Nathan Xa’s art will notice the painterly style of it. You can see it on his Itmeelo page, and it’s purposeful. Itmeelo likes to see those visible brush strokes in his work. The viewer will see how this style lends texture to the piece, and will also notice how Itmeelo focuses on characters in dynamic scenes. This focus makes him a great TTRPG artist as he transports you right into the action. 

Those looking to use Itmeelo’s work can find him at Nathanxa.com. He can also be contacted through Discord at itmeelo#1155 or email at nathankxa@gmail.com.

Jun 15, 2023
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