For a professional Game Master on StartPlaying, few things are more important than having eye-catching art for your game listings. Just like a YouTube thumbnail or Instagram image, something that’s instantly captivating and specific to your content is best. Of course, many of us are challenged by our lack of Photoshop skills or artistic eye. Better to let an expert do the job. But how does one go about finding an artist to commission? Look no further than our monthly artist spotlight! 

Otávio Augustto

The artist known as Otávio got his start with album cover artwork, but in the last year has been creating vibrant fantasy worlds. Colorful pieces that use shapes as prominent elements are his forte. He’s very proud of his Frogville setting, pictured above, which shows his style at its best. His creative inspirations are rap music and fantasy.

Otávio is available for concept art and TTRPG commissions, learn more by emailing him at

Laura Galli

You have probably seen Laura Galli’s art in products from Darrington Press, Metal Weave Games, The Onyx Path, Poison Potion Press and Everybody Games. She does amazing work with fantasy creatures. Be they ethereal, powerful, or just plain adorable, Laura embodies her figures with a spark that we all want to see in our NPCs. She does wholesome animal folk especially well, such as in her Savannah Bazaar (above) or Caretaker Warlock

To ask permission to use certain pieces or commission a new one, you can contact Laura through email at You can also see more of her work on her Instagram or BlueSky social pages. 

That brings us to a close for this month’s artist feature. If you’re an artist or know one who would like to be featured in the coming months, please check out our quick submission form! 

Jul 29, 2023
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