This one goes out to all the Pathfinder fans! StartPlaying Games has teamed up with Paizo and Roll20 to polymorph September into Pathfinder month! 

Throughout the month of September, StartPlaying GMs will be hosting more Pathfinder 2e games. Take a look at our listings, where you’ll find Pathfinder one-shots and Adventure Paths that are tailored to the full scope of player experience, scheduling needs, and gameplay styles.

Whether you prefer challenging dungeon crawls, kingdom-building simulators, or sports anime arcs, the robust customization of Pathfinder can accommodate what you’re looking for. And if you’ve been curious about Pathfinder but are intimidated by learning new rules, some of our best GMs are running beginner-friendly games complete with character building walkthroughs. And all are being run on Roll20, the most recognizable virtual tabletop platform out there. 

If you're a GM looking to start your Pathfinder journey, Roll20 has you covered with a giveaway and major discount. During Pathfinder month, Roll20 users can claim the free level 3 adventure A Fistful of Flowers. Roll20 is also offering a megabundle special on several Adventure Path and Bestiary 1 and 2. It's never been easier to get started with Pathfinder on Roll20!

Pathfinder 2e bridges the gap between old-school crunch and newer TTRPGs’ focus on roleplay. D&D 5e players should find it fairly easy to get into the system, as it uses many of the same mechanics and even terms. However, character creation is much more robust, giving more choice upon each level up and allowing you to shape your character into something more like the exact concept you had in mind. 

The Pathfinder 2e Adventure Paths (the system’s name for longer modules) are often praised for their balanced mix of roleplay and exploration alongside combat. Of particular note is the Abomination Vaults megadungeon, which separates itself from other dungeon crawls by offering ample opportunity for non-combat solutions. 

If any of this sounds appealing to you, come be a part of Pathfinder month! It’s never been easier to find an open game, sign up with a friendly GM, and start playing! 

Sep 12, 2022

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