There's a new TTRPG topping the Kickstarter charts, and it's Legend in the Mist! This rustic fantasy RPG focuses on journeys through strange realms and how characters change as they go. Legend in the Mist’s presentation invokes classic fantasy as seen in Lord of the Rings or Wheel of Time, as well as the wondrous wilderness world of Princess Mononoke. You can see what the buzz is about yourself with StartPlaying’s Learn to Play Week!

From March 1 to March 7, Game Masters will be running beginner-friendly sessions of Legend in the Mist. The game is still running its crowdfunding campaign, but StartPlaying partnered with Legend in the Mist creator Son of Oak to run this special demo week.  You can play with pregenerated characters, see official art, and run a demo adventure before the core book is even released! You can see all of the games being offered here.

Legend in the Mist’s gameplay is based on the award-winning City in the Mist. Its most unique aspect is that it doesn’t use stats in the traditional sense. Instead, characters have tags that act as descriptors of their abilities. This doesn’t just cover their physical and mental prowess, but also their motivations and backstory elements. Tags affect rolls in both positive and negative ways, creating a more personalized narrative experience. 

StartPlaying is the best place to find online TTRPG games. Our search tool introduces you to GMs with a variety of skills and play styles. You can find storytellers with immersive voice acting, mood setters with brilliant ambient music, masters of tactical combat, and more. Many have been excitedly learning Legend in the Mist leading up to this event, and are ready to weave tales full of adventure, danger, and mystery. Step close to the campfire and join us! Seats are filling fast! 

Mar 1, 2024
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