The universes of TTRPG games offer a vast selection of cultures and histories to immerse yourself in. Some are seeped entirely in fiction, but often they draw from the civilizations and folklore of the real world. That’s why it’s important to give a voice to designers, artists, and players from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Diverse perspectives make for more inclusive games. So, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to spotlight Latin-American and Hispanic creators that make the community better.


One of the nicest people on the TTRPG Twitter scene, Enrique is a podcaster, blogger, and streamer who covers a lot of D&D and Star Wars. Conversation is his game, and he’s great at fostering thoughtful talk about TTRPGs. Whether it’s previewing the latest D&D hardcover, showing off a creative setup for a Star Wars campaign, or giving tips to new players, this DM’s approachable demeanor and insight shows that he’s anything but a newbie. 

Monica M. Magaña

Art is crucial to many TTRPG players, as it helps a lot to visualize your character and the scene. We rely on skilled illustrators like Magaña, who brings a delightful touch of color to her work. Her many credits include Star Wars promo art for Disney and Kids On Bikes. That’s just a small hint of her astounding range, and you should definitely follow her on Twitter to see the amazing pieces she creates. They might even serve as inspiration for your next character! 

Credit: Monica M. Magaña

Anthony Joyce 

If you want your D&D adventures to be up to date with the latest hardcover release, Anthony Joyce has you covered. One look at his DMs Guild releases will show that he’s on top of most major releases. From Candlekeep to Avernus, Joyce’s detailed PDFs give you beautiful maps, detailed story hooks, and even full adventures that better invest players in key hardcover settings. His latest work is in Acererak's Collection of Complex Traps, a compilation of dastardly devices conjured up by DM Challenge contestants. Joyce is never short of ideas, and his work is the perfect tool to deepen your campaign world.

Latinx In Gaming 

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great occasion to shine the spotlight on Latin creators. But why not boost each other up all year round? That’s exactly what Latinx in Gaming does. This group hosts community and professional events for Latinx people in video and tabletop gaming. They run discussion panels, portfolio reviews, game jams, and highlight other organizations’ events on a regular basis. If you’re looking to connect with other people of your ethnicity or seek job opportunities in gaming, you’ll find many friends with Latinx in Gaming. 

Rico Corazón 

Want to know what it’s like to be a professional DM and TTRPG designer? Look no further than Rico Corazón, an IRL Twitch streamer who shares his process in front of the camera. He recently hosted a panel on “How to be a Professional Game Master” to share his secrets with both Twitch viewers and ConnectiCon attendees. 


Mo is here to uplift the BIMPOC community, and deserves your follow for that alone. She’s a wonderfully encouraging presence in the space, one that constantly works to uplift other peoples’ games, cosplay, and shows. She also has plenty of talent herself; Mo plays on a Gothic Horror actual play and GMs a Powered by the Apocalypse show

Credit: @babbidraws, @IVBenjaminArt, mimomo.1, spaz14

DeAngelo Murillo 

Murillo is putting together an exciting dark fantasy TTRPG called Emerald Templars. What makes it exciting is that it will borrow from several cultures and folklore to create a very diverse and surprising world. In a short tease on Twitter, Murillo said that playable races will include Kitsune, Houndfolk, Satyr, and a Day of the Dead themed undead. Emerald Templars will definitely be something worth keeping an eye on if you’ve been wanting to add some international flavor to your game.


Teos Abadía, also known as Alphastream, has a solid history of D&D products under his belt. He’s written exciting Adventurers League modules and larger supplements that encourage exploration in the jungles, seas, and hell itself. He also has a blog where he gives insightful commentary on the mechanics of D&D and upcoming product releases. True expert opinions are hard to come by, and Abadía is the real deal. 


You want cool magic items for your D&D campaign? MythoShack has cool items for your D&D campaign! He designs both the art and mechanics for items and shares them on his social channels, giving you access to a free treasure trove of unique weapons. He’s currently in the middle of “Swordtember”, where he creates a new magic sword every day. They’re all very flavorful in their design and come with very thematic gameplay elements.

Arturo Serrano

Serrano is a novel writer with a novel idea: a pacifist D&D 5e supplement. Called Doves & Dissenters, it gives you six subclasses designed around creating nonviolent heroes. That means a bunch of useful new actions that you can use to support your party while still maintaining a vow of peace. It would probably work very well in Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which supposedly offers an entire campaign without combat.

Sep 20, 2021

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