Did you know that StartPlaying Games has a referral program? Here’s how it works.

If you look under the Account Settings section of your StartPlaying profile (GM or Player), you’ll find your referral page. Give the link provided there to friends, prospective players, social media followers, or even your weird aunt (you low key know she'd be fun to play TTRPGs with). 

Whenever someone uses your referral link to create a new StartPlaying account, they’ll begin with a $10 credit that automatically applies to their first game. It’s just like starting with a discounted trial! Even better is that once they use their $10 credit, you get $10 in credit applied to your account for referring them! To sum it up, your referral gives a new user a $10 credit, then you get a $10 credit after they play. 

You'll find your link under account settings

This Give $10, Get $10 program is a great way to encourage newcomers to try your games. You can pitch it to them as a coupon for their first game, an effortless savings method since the credit immediately applies when the referral link is used. It’s also a wonderful tactic to get your current players to invite their friends and expand your community.  

If you are a content creator, be sure to put your referral link on your social profiles. Since it works similarly to a discount code, it feels like a more personal invite than just saying “play my games!” And when you start getting $10 credits, all the better! Try using them to sign up for games with other GMs. You might learn some tricks, make a new friend, and finally break away from the forever GM life. 

To learn more about how StartPlaying referrals work, read here

Aug 25, 2023
Game Masters