Wizards of the Coast just held a 30-minute D&D Direct, a streamed announcement event similar to what video game publishers do for E3. All things Dungeons & Dragons were teased and given release dates, from movies to miniatures to settings that fans have requested for a long time...

Spelljammer Confirmed For Real

"Spelljammer: Adventures in Space" was the big announcement. The set will release on August 16, 2022, more info available here. It will be a boxed set with three books: 

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide, a book for players and DMs. There will be 6 playable races: Astral Elves, Auto Gnomes, Hadozi (flying monkeys), Giff (hippofolk), Plasmoids, and the insectoid Thri-Kreen. Rules for running a spaceship and combat in space will be provided.

Boo’s Astral Menagerie will be a bestiary for monsters you'll find in the stars, from creepy clowns to solar and lunar dragons.

Light of Xaryxis is the adventure for Spelljammer 5e. With 12 episodes, it will take players from levels 5-8.

There will also be a double-sided poster map and Spelljammer-themed DM screen.

In July, Wizards will release a digital prequel adventure on through its online channels.

Dragonlance Also Confirmed For 2022

The stream ended with a cinematic animated trailer showing a great battle. The ending flashed the Dragonlance name, along with tease of a late 2022 release date for a book and board game.

The D&D Movie Is Called Honor Among Thieves

The release date is set for March 3, 2023.

Spelljammer Minis Previewed By WizKids

Along with the new Spelljammer book release will come a set of Icons of the Realms, the WizKids-produced line of miniature figures for D&D play. Collectors can look forward to the usual assembly of player races and NPCs, as well as 2-in-1 figures that represent humanoids riding giant creatures.

Gigantic space creatures will be available, with an Astral Dreadnaught shown on stream. There will also be ship models made for space combat.

Journeys Of The Radiant Citadel Detailed

The June 21 book was detailed in greater depth by its leads. The culture of the citadel and adventures found within were teased, from planar rituals to how players might find themselves adventuring there. In particular, the care put in to authentic representation of various cultures was highlighted. One adventure that follows the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos tradition was shown, a festival where people honor their ancestors and the ancestors are reborn for a short period of time.

New Starter Set Confirmed: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, a new starter set with a focus on streamlined play for new users and digital, was announced. There will also be other special digital content for Dungeon Masters released in the near future, including a special monster conpendium dedicated to Spelljammer creatures.

D&D Campaign Cases Make Battle Maps Easier For DMs

A new kind of boxed set called Campaign Case is coming in July. Two of these cases will be released, one focusing on monster tokens and another on terrain. The goal here is portability and ease of re-use. The token set will feature poker chip-style tokens with reusable monster stickers of over 100 creatures. The terrain set will include puzzle piece cardboard map tiles with reusable stickers of terrain features like trees and natural hazards. The pieces are meant to easily stack within their cases for quick setup and breakdown of the D&D table.

D&D Onslaught, PvP Miniatures Board Game

Take control of the Harpers, Zhentarim, and other factions in a quest for treasure in this new miniatures-based board game from WizKids, prominent maker of D&D minis. The release date is set for October 2022.

Baldur's Gate 3 And Neverwinter Updates

The hit D&D video games were given quick updates that showed how far they've come, and teased Baldur's Gate 3's 2023 release date. Neverwinter is getting a Dragonslayer expansion in June 2022 that focuses on, you guessed it, chromatic dragons.

New D&D Actual Play Stream: Legends Of The Multiverse

A new official D&D live play show is coming later this month, and will feature adventures in the multiverse. The cast is stacked, with known favorites like Brennan Lee Mulligan and Aabria Iyengar listed in the cast alongside stars from other corners of the internet like Sungwon Cho.

Apr 21, 2022

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