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Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games


Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games

About Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games

Pilot an X-Wing fighter down the Death Star trench, fight legions of imperial Stormtroopers and use the light side of the Force to overcome the dark. Run imperial blockades to deliver your illegal goods for ruthless Hutts and learn to become a Jedi. By playing the Star Wars Role-Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games you can bring these incredible scenes and more to life. Each core rule book gives you rules for characters in different settings of the Star Wars universe – rogues operating on the fringes of civilised space, Force sensitives struggling to survive imperial rule, and brave rebels fighting the tyranny of the Empire. Be part of the sweeping saga set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

About Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games
How to Play

With a wealth of races, careers, skills, and specializations, players can create any Star Wars character concept imaginable. No two choices feel the same, with each one providing unique gaming opportunities. The game's core mechanic is skill checks using two types of custom dice, with Positive dice displaying successes and Negative dice displaying failures. The player rolls a pool of positive dice dependent on their attributes, skills, and talents while the GM adds a number of negative dice representing skill difficulty, problems and obstacles relevant to the task at hand. Using this simple, but intuitive mechanic, it is possible to determine success and failure to specific degrees, allowing for a narrative interpretation of the skill check. This gives the GM essential story elements, and allows them to improvise the rest! The game also uses Force dice which represent a resource for Force-using characters and a pool of destiny points which can be spent by the players to aid their actions during play. Versatile mechanics handle personal and starship combat, creating exciting results such as critical hits and weapon malfunctions whilst abstract range categories allow for swift combat resolution. Be your own hero with the game that allows for any Star Wars adventure to be brought to life!

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