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I've been in love with TTRPG's since the first time I sat down to play with friends after school a good 10 years ago. That initial sense of freedom and wonder at being able to have a character do anything I set my mind to, to craft wonderful adventures with my friends on the fly has never left me. It’s become something I’ve wanted to share with anybody I get the chance to, pushing me to become a game master so I could make the perfect space for all of my other friends to get to have the same kind of wonderful experience I did when I first started playing tabletop games! After a decade of long spanning campaigns with my friends, and making new friends along the way I realized I’m never having more fun than when I see big smiles on all of my players' faces, or hearing them talk excitedly after a game. I realized it’s become more than just a hobby for me, it’s what I want to do in order to make a difference in the world and meet new people, and that’s what brought me here. With me you’ll find expansive and epic journeys with high stakes, fighting off magic masterminds of untold evil and befriending great dragons to aid you on your quest! You’ll find yourself filling the minds in our game world with your fame and your pockets with fortune on daring heists into a vampires magically protected castle! You might even find yourself in for something smaller scale, a silly romp at a tavern that has everybody bursting out laughing when one of your new friends does something completely unexpected and takes you along for the ride. No matter what sort of adventure it is that you want, I’ll enthusiastically give you the best place to set it into motion or find yourself sucked in. After all, I think everyone deserves the chance to create their own fantastic characters and make their own beautiful stories, and I'm always happy to help players - new or old - get the most out of their gaming experience. So if you need one on one help walk through making your very first character and crafting the perfect backstory, or if I’m talking with a veteran about nailing the *perfect* plot point right on the head to shock the rest of the party in a way that’s fun for everybody, know that you are in great and patient hands! So come on in and take a seat! Get friendly and tell me about this character you are cooking up so we can see what sort of adventures we can go on!

GM style

I love running a good story that’s satisfying for the whole table, and making sure everyone gets their moment to shine every session while keeping a steady line of communication to ensure you are getting your money’s worth when you are in one of my games. One of the best ways to do this, I’ve found is utilizing a players backstory whenever I can! You can expect me to work with you on your backstory, expect me to ask questions and even offer you the chance at spoilers related to what I have planned for your character in case you would like a little forewarning to think about how they would react to what is coming up, or give me input on another direction you would like the story to go. Nothing puts a bigger grin on my face than seeing the barbarian finally track down the person they’’ve been seeking vengeance on during the whole campaign, or the wizard finally saving the person they cared for most. Those kind of moments are what I live for!. In my games, you can expect every combat to have a purpose. To establish the threat of existing within a forbidden land, alien and strange to the characters, as they attempt to journey past it. To make them feel powerful, as a horde of goblins that they once feared at the beginning of their adventure merely buckle before their might with how strong they are now. My combats can be a tense ebb and flow of strategy as you face off with the schemer who has been behind every trial you’ve faced so far, every bit of planning and preparation you’ve done crucial to landing the final blow on that campaign long villain. I never want a fight or action scene to feel forced, or like it wasn’t crucial to whatever it is that’s happening in the game. Everything you come across has a story and a reason for being there, and sometimes that means you might be able to talk your way past a tough fight if you’re clever enough! You’ll find you have a lot of fun in my games if you are a team player, excited to work with the others in your group to enhance their stories and looking to them to help enhance your own. Stay flexible, and open, and be willing to listen to others so that when it’s your time to shine you know everyone else will be absolutely enrapt in listening to you in your time of triumph or tragic, vulnerable moment. More than anything in the world I want to foster groups where my players can spend an hour of the session talking to each other in character, delving into each other's backstories and becoming closer as secrets are revealed and shared, and then talk for hours after the game about how much fun they had. If everything you just read gets your heart pumping with excitement to start rolling dice, then don’t be shy because you sound like the perfect player to me!


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