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Stefan Timmons (aka: Waffles)

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About me

Hello, I am Waffles from WafflesMapleSyrup (an actual-play stream and podcast). I am currently 31 years old and have played TTRPGs for about 17 years now. Having been a GM for 95% of that time, I have a few tricks up my sleeves to ensure everyone tells a great, backstory incorporated, story together. In a past life (my 20-25 year old self) I was a nuclear engineer for the US Navy. Now a Commercial Project Manager for a company, I spend most of my time homebrewing stories and rules for players like.. well hopefully yourself. See you at the table!

GM style

GM & Player in the Professional Stream & Podcast: WafflesMapleSyrup My GM style is the rule of cool and fun first, with a realistic feel and nothing happening that breaks story immersion or buy-in. I like to call my style "Reactive GMing". The world progresses regardless of what you do, but everything that happens within the story is a reaction to you, your choices, and what would happen because of those choices or inaction. Safety tools are important. Character buy-in is important. Roleplay first, combat second, and min-maxing third in our games. Everything is about the experience I can provide to you. The group is first and foremost in these games.


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