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About me

ABOUT: Greetings! I'm James Wright one of your two DM / GMs at Wizardly Warehouse Productions! How long have I been playing TTRPGs? 13 years! I've been DMing for friends, family and coworkers for 6 years! Salutations! This is Eric Tkachuk, your other DM/GM for Wizardly Warehouse Productions. I have been playing TTRPG's for just about 7 years and DMing for the past 3. I also enjoy and have experience running Green Ronin's Dragon Age ttrpg and Fantasy Flight's Star Wars (AoR, EoE, F/D). Some of our favorite WOTC modules to run are Curse of Strahd, Descent into Avernus, Storm Kings Thunder, and Out of the Abyss. Favorite WOTC Campaign settings outside of our own homebrewed material include Ravnica, Theros, and the Domains of Dread. Together we built a dream under the steel canopy of our mutual workplace, a telecom warehouse. That dream is Wizardly Warehouse Productions. As published DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG authors we specialize in providing quality content for the TTRPG industry in the forms of original written content (Campaign Settings, Adventure Modules, One Shots, Player Options and much more) custom made art, digital maps, and original musical scores. We are looking to expand this service and our capabilities/resources to your table to provide a fun and adventure filled experience. We welcome players of all backgrounds and experience levels and emphasize creating a safe and tailored experience for all involved, using our session zero philosophy. Why Pay to Play with Us?: We come with great enthusiasm, our own art for maps, and visuals when words just aren't enough to describe; the rising sun over rolling hills as you and your party stare out across the verdant plains before you, rife with turmoil, excitement and adventure...oh and loot! We have custom epic orchestral music to provide fantastical ambience to the adventures we will embark on! Our bank of original written resources will allow you to experience DMsguild material for the price of admission to the table, an absolutely outstanding deal. If there's a Dmsguild or DriveThru resource you have always wanted to use or run at a table but never had the coin or accepting group or DM to do it, this is the table for you. Furthermore we are well versed, equipped and confident running the pre-written WOTC adventure modules and campaign settings that have been released for 5e. Lastly, with two DMs for the price of one we can provide a plethora of different voices, accents, and dialogue for all the wonderful, aloof, and nefarious NPCs you'll encounter. Double the DMs means double the resources for you! Don't want to ask a question out loud? You can talk to one of us separate from the group without stopping the action!

GM style

DM/GM Style: James; In general I like to start with checklists of what my players, and hopefully you; want to play. The best methodology that allows me to adapt to my group is having a solid outline for a campaign or one shot. However, I endeavour to remain fast, loose and ready to change a story in order to react to all the zaney actions of a group. I love telling stories with compelling characters, grand plots from levels 1 - 30. Riddled with emotional ties and a healthy dose of hilarity! I am also more than happy to teach new players how to play a game by curating custom-tailored One Shots and Campaigns. I'm not one to shy away from high level gameplay either, you want to get to level 20+? Let's rock! I'm very descriptive with visuals and actions, I encourage roleplay and player driven/described actions, but I'll never force anyone out of their comfort zone! I reward clever, creative actions, thinking outside of the box, role playing, and team players! Eric: I really like to unleash my inner PoliSci nerd and craft rich worlds, with deep story geared towards players who enjoy the Political Intrigue, RP, Mystery, and Exploration facets of roleplaying games. Furthermore I absolutely love a good boss battle and cinematic/larger than life conflicts. So if you are more of a wargamer and prefer an emphasis on solely combat, I enjoy running Siege campaigns, or beer and pretzel one shot arena battles, or even something as cosmically large scale as the blood war in Descent into Avernus. I do my darndest to break up the action and heavy RP in my games with random bouts of childish glee and I typically insert a few comic relief moments/npcs to help keep things light.


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