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My name is Thomaz, i'm from Brazil and DMing is my full time job! The first time i played D&D was back when i had 12, it was 3.5e. I had no ideia what i was doing but i felt in love with this game. My favorite edition by far is 5e, its so easy to learn! For the last year i DM for a living, main the adventure is Curse of Strahd! I love that one, is the best one of all! But im open for other ones! I'm also Dming Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and as i finish a few of my CoS i may start Rime of the Frostmaiden! I also have a degree in languages (Portuguese-English), back in the day my goal was to teach native English speakers to learn Portuguese. I don't plain to be a tutor anymore, but i think i can still have that goal with D&D, helping my players learning while they play! My main goal is show the amazing world of RPG and help them to learm it! I have a game every single day of the week, morning and evening!

GM style

The most important thing for me is the game to be enjoyable to everyone, is impossible to all the players in a campaign to like the same things. So i try my best to listem to each one of them, and introduce what they like in the game. I find a lot of joy in helping new players to get started in the game, usually the hard part is get in the first game, rules and details we learn in the way. I also like to challenge experienced players through creative combat or roleplay. Overall i don't use railroad, all the campaigns i DM are sandbox, you have a really big map to explore, each and every corner will have side quest to be completed, and all of those are relevant to the major plot. My campaigns usually have a running time of 6 months+ from level 1 to 15. Lately im trying to push more into the higher levels! Lately i have moved from Roll20 to FoundryVTT and i need to tell you how amazing this plataform is, be able to see the spells animated and the many other features that really enchance the experience both the player as the DM is mindblowing! I also have shared content in D&D Beyond so my players can make there characters there without any problem! Feel free to send me any message with the questions you may have!

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