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About me

Hello and welcome to my virtual table! I am an avid TTRPG enjoyer and have been for many years now. I started as a player enjoying D&D 5th Edition, but have since moved to being a Game Master and I have not looked back since. While I started with D&D 5th Edition, I have since added many other games to my roster. Some notable examples are Avatar Legends, a TTRPG based on Avatar the Last Airbender, Pathfinder, and Absolute Power. I believe variety is the spice of life and I love to try out different systems. If a player wants me to run a system I haven't used before, I am always ready to learn. When running my games, I ensure safety for all players and respect between the players and myself. I love players having fun within the game, so long as the boundaries of the other players and myself are respected. I do not role-play sexual scenes, so the most that will occur is a fade to black with no details. I have run many games over my years as a Game Master, gaining the experience required to be a great story-teller while still keeping creative freedom and flexibility for the shared story-telling aspects of TTRPGs. When playing in one of my games, you can expect a great story structure but also the freedom to do what you want, knowing that it will lead to great improvisational story elements.

GM style

I love roleplaying, it leads into another world where you can be someone else for a time and really enjoy the part. I always make sure my players have a great idea of how they want their characters to be and accommodate requests as best as possible. While I love the roleplaying aspect, I enjoy the mechanics of the games, and while I love having the rules help define features and actions to make them more consistent and balanced, I also know when to fly by rule of cool. I do my best to give voices to my characters and have in-depth stories to work with that contain maps for rooms, monsters that are not just repeats every time, and interesting NPCs to interact with. While I enjoy the combat aspect, I don't force it every session as that can lead to forced story elements as well, I let it happen naturally as my players progress through the story. I do my best to streamline the number crunchy aspect and make it quicker interactions in regards to the numbers while narrating with the players during combat how awesomely they just beheaded the minotaur.


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