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The Bard GM (Gat)

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About me

Hello! My name is Gatlin, but I go by Gat. I’ve played TTRPGs since I was 9 years old and have been in the DM chair for a large portion of that time. Over the years, I have run multiple long-term games, including one set in the world of Exandria that has been going on for 3+ years. TTRPGs are one of my all-time passions, and I want to bring that passion into the paid-for space. My goals for each game are quite simple: I want to guarantee that you get your money's worth. It’s not just about how much fun you have (though that is very important to me), but also delivering exciting plot lines, including major ones for the main story as well as more character-specific asides. One of my most unique abilities as a GM is to blend personal plotlines within the overall narrative so they flow well together and uplift each other. Beyond the plot, I also create interesting NPCs that care about what you want and are designed to match up to you when it comes to playstyle and roleplay. Combat is distinctive, finely balanced, and often enough that you’ll feel like the world is actually dangerous and unpredictable (within reason). And while I'm not a voice actor, each NPC will have their own voice, personality, and vibe. I even come up with unsettling monster sounds that are off-putting in all the right ways! Lastly, I deeply believe that open communication is the most crucial aspect of TTRPGs. If you ever have a problem, concern, or idea, you can tell me—I will always listen and follow through with action if needed! Your suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome (even encouraged) and healthy, and your input will only make me better as a storyteller. We are here to play a long-term game together, and if we function well as a group, this will ensure everyone has a compelling and meaningful experience.

GM style

·Deep Narrative: I strive to weave a complex story that is interesting but not predictable so players feel connected and intrinsically motivated to learn more and move forward. ·Memorable Characters: Each NPC has their own flair so they make an impression while coming off as grounded and part of the fabric of the world. ·Adaptive Storytelling: Within the overall narrative, players’ backstories are seamlessly integrated in ways that enrich the plot while creating fun moments for both individual players and the party at large. ·Satisfying Combat: Random encounters and story-related fights are designed to challenge players in the right way, making victory feel earned without requiring them to focus entirely on optimizing their stats to the last decimal point. ·Right Tunes Right Vibes: Picking the perfect music for each moment takes time and effort, but for me, it’s worth it so cool moments turn into unforgettable ones. ·Meet in the Middle: Are you an experienced player who knows everything about your character weeks before the first session? Or are you starting from scratch and need guidance getting your head around the basics? Whether it’s your first or 100th session, I will go at your speed so things don’t feel too fast, too slow, too complicated, or too simple. ·Open Ears Open Mind: Communication and listening are the secret sauce of every great TTRPG campaign, so players are always welcome to send me their thoughts, ask questions, or just share anything so I can better tailor what I do. (Big thanks to one of my players who helped me with this whole thing)

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