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Tessa Bryce
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Tessa Bryceshe/her

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Women/Femme Identifying

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13 years
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2 years
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84 games

About me

Looking for the witch in the woods? Want to go for a frolic with the fae? I'm Tessa, a DM with over 10 years of gaming experience with a love of many different systems and the fantastical. I strive to create a safe and welcoming table for all, whether newbie, veteran player, child or adult. I am a Director and creator on the Nerdsmith Network. One of my favorite things is introducing new players to role playing games and the fun they can unlock within themselves. All of my games are LGBTQ+ friendly!

GM style

I love to RP and world build with my players. I'm a fan of a good dramatic sessions, but find that the games I run inevitably tend toward the silly or heartwarming. I frequently run games for children and new players and easily adapt rules to help people learn without getting frustrated or bogged down. I go by the "rule of cool", especially during one shots where I want my players to have the most fun with the least amount of rule cross-referencing possible. I use safety tools and make sure that my players always feel safe at the table, both with me and with their fellow players. I like to banter with my players, and don't mind a little out of character goofiness.


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