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About me

I have been a Game master since 1985 I tend to run open sandbox style games. If you think you see a plot hook, your right, you probably encounter lots of them, but if you think you are being plot hammered, you are wrong. I want my players to feel they impact the "time line" if events of the world, so I remain flexible and ready to adjust to player decisions. Do I use "modules"? Occasionally, but even then it won't follow the original, mostly just used for ideas, but I work to follow my own ideas, stories, and writing. I run games where the dice fall where they may. I don't fudge results for players or for npcs. Adventure always gas risks. I don't go out of my way to kill characters, but I also won't save them from bad decisions results or the fate of dice. However most games I run have a mechanic to allow players to attempt to save themselves or their comrades. My campaigns have typically run for multiple years. My style can run the spectrum from hack-n slang to role-playing oriented and in between, all based on the players choices. Games I have run over the years: AD&D 1st and 2nd Ed. - Gurps - Champions/Hero - Role Master 1st/2nd Ed - Space Master - Shadow Run - Traveler - Cyberpunk - HackMaster "4th ed" and current - Aces & 8s - FFG Star Wars - palladium - Vampire Masquerade - Werewolf , (I may be missing a few, memory lol) I'm willing to Run nearly any genre, or world type I may be familiar with, using any of the systems I list. Game systems I am perpared/willing to Run: Rolemaster (1st/2nd custom) HackMaster (current) Aces & 8s Shadow Run FFG Star Wars and Genysis for the following Genre: Space Scifi, post apocalypse, supers, cyber punk style, modern gang/crime organization. If another system is wanted, I will consider, but may require an increase in game fee. I also have my own game system in the works for those interested in being play testers in a developing system, yet still an ongoing game. I also have an "Ultimate Dungeon" style setting where "groups" can schedule forays and earn points based on time and survival. Groups and characters will be ranked, adjusted by level and gear ratings. This can be attempted by formed groups, or by "PU" groups. Times will be set schedules each week for PU games. Formed groups will need to schedule ahead of times for their attempts. HackMaster (current Ed.) is the system used, and character creation strictly followed in my "Presence". I currently use MapTools and discord for my VTT. Local games can be arranged in you live in the Northern Utah area. My games are LGBTQ friendly and intolerance of such will not be tolerated.

GM style

Love Role-playing, voices, crunchy tactical combat, open sandbox, creative thinking, group cooperation, evil and in group/character conflict must be agreed upon by group to be allowed and such must be ready to be tolerated if agreed to. Rate is per session per player, though I discounted rate can be negotiated for a regular weekly scheduled campaign on a per month basis. Sessions longer than 5 hours can be negotiated for an increased fee.


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