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Frédéric "Fred" Liard
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About me

Hey! My name's Fred, I'm a DM from Switzerland. I started as a player, then found I had a passion for DMing after I took on the mantle for my group after a bad experience with another DM. I've played all kinds of format, from play-by-post to online sessions, and in all kinds of systems. I pride myself in giving my players the best experience possible. I always try to work with my players in order to make sure that their experience is up to their expectations. Whether it be the technical side (maps, music, etc.) or the roleplay or world-building side, I do my best to provide my players with a high-quality game. Please note that all of my games are open to people of all races and sexualities. Bigots are not welcome.

GM style

I believe that role-playing games are, at their core, a collaborative endeavour. While the role of the GM as an arbiter of the rules is important, it is equally important that the players be on board with the story being told, with the adventures being pursued. This is why Session 0 is so critical. For any given campaign, all of the players and the GM must be on the same page. I prefer running longer-form campaigns, with great and expansive storylines. Because of these reasons, I prefer players who like to get involved with the story, to interact with the world and with the other players.

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