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About me

I have been playing, running, collecting, and enjoying RPGs for just over 40 years now. Roleplaying games are a huge part of who I am and have had a tremendous impact on my storytelling skills as a professional and published author. With over twenty five books published and forthcoming from major publishing houses (as well as several gaming writing credits), I understand the dynamics of celebrating character and telling a good story…and that’s what I want to do with you! There’s nothing quite like sitting at the table (virtual or physical) and telling a good tale together; the kind that has you saying “Remember that time when…?” As a GM, I am very focused on character-driven stories. I make sure to weave in character dynamics and tailor parts of the adventure to the characters involved. Characters are, after all, the driving part of any story! I pride myself on my description, imagery, details, and world building. I listen to my players and their needs or interests, and I welcome the players’ part in contributing to our growing tale. I’m an easygoing, kind, very experienced Game Master who, at the end of the day, wants all of us to leave the table having had a fantastic, fun, memorable time. Besides writing and gaming, I am a college writing professor and an Army veteran. All are welcome at my table and I go out of my way to make sure everyone feels welcome, included, and heard. If you’re new to gaming, I’m excited to help you explore the hobby. If you’re a veteran gamer, I look forward to your energy and experience! So what do you say? Let’s create some epic tales….

GM style

I am a character-driven GM who delights in bringing worlds to life through imagery, details, memorable NPCs, evocative description, fast and fluid play that moves the story forward and doesn’t let mechanics bog a story down. We’re telling a story together, driven by your characters, and my goal at the end of the session is to have left you excited, engaged, and eager to keep playing. I have 40 years of gaming experience, with 98% of that time as the GM. I’m excited to share that with you!

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