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About me

Greetings and well met! I'm Liam, long-time nerd and proud of it! I've been playing RPGs since Moldvay D&D circa 1981, and almost exclusively a GM since 1988! D&D was always my go-to, but I cut my teeth as well on "Star Frontiers," "Top Secret," "Villains and Vigilantes," and anything I could get my poor and grubby hands on. But always, I seemed to be the friend in the group had to be the one running the games -- correction: the one facilitating the story we're all creating! RPGs in my estimation, are shared stories to be crafted by all participants! Even when it's a game like "Paranoia" when the GM IS actually out to get you, the game is a cooperative effort in seeing where a story goes. Throughout the early 2000s, I was a "Bounty Hunter" for AEG and went from local hobby stores to GenCon running games for AEG, like "Spycraft" and "Stargate," promoting those products with true love in my heart! But truth be told, I started not caring much for d20 and what it was becoming.... I've always preferred TTRPGs that had more free-form, role-play, storytelling, world-building elements to it! I eventually glommed onto "Fading Suns," "Call of Cthulhu," "Eclipse Phase," and "Savage Worlds." And lately, thanks in large part to the Pandemic, I've found love in indie and solo-heavy RPGs like "Ironsworn" and "Broken Shores" and "Cairn." As well as the world of VTTs and online gaming! (I had an epic D&D campaign I was running for 5 years on Roll20 recently come to an end, and has become a 1st edition AD&D port of AEG's "World's Largest Dungeon"! Exciting times.) I'm something of a writer with several short stories (published by other people, if that matters *grin*) and self-published stories and a SF novel. Otherwise, I'm a big ol' goof finding his way in his new forever-home of the Pacific Northwest, picking up crabbing, collecting prepper shtuff and things, Squishmallows (don't judge me), and finding a newfound obsession with Minecraft!

GM style

Roleplay is the best! I do really bad character voices and support players that do as well. (But no pressure! Never ever required!) I believe in cooperative storytelling -- players and GM discovering the world. Though, a nice bit o' deadly combat and dangerous peril is sweet BWA-HAHAHA! Crunch can be good! (Such as Twilight 2000), but I tend toward avoiding the whole 1" grid, exacting mini placement tactical rules-heavy type play. You want to do something interesting and exciting, let's go for it! Rule of cool over rules as written, in my book!

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