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Adventurer My name is Pieter, I'm 37 years old and an experienced DM for more years than I can remember. I've DM'd them all: Call of Cthulhu, Chronicles of Darkness, Vampires: the masquerade, Pathfinder, Starfinder, many more, and of course, Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. I prefer a flexible DM style, with lots of room for improvisation and roleplaying. I'm not the kind of DM that goes for power-play games. So min-maxing is not something that is needed in my games, but I will make the games challending, tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the party. This allows for a game where you can play whatever you want, without thinking that you'll be useless in game. So its flexible and its fun. I am from Belgium, and I can run games in Dutch or in English. I use Foundry VTT and Discord, and D&D beyond if what we play is D&D. Lets have some fun, shall we? Pieter

GM style

I love roleplay with a good mix of combat and challenges, and roleplay should not stop at combat or when facing challenges. TTRPG is more than rolling a few dice and announcing the result. I want to know how you slice up the enemy with your sword first, and the result of your dice roll second. That being said, my combat is challenging and tailored to the abilities, weaknesses and strengths of the player. This means that you can bring the weakest build to the table, and still have the same experience as if you were making the strongest build. So you can play whatever you want, even if it would not make sense in mechanical terms. All my NPC get their own little voice, and I prefer improvisation, which allows me to quickly adept to what you as a player want to do. So if I present you X in the game, and you want to do Y, that's perfectly fine.

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