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To me DnD is not just an escape from the world which it can be but I aim to help my players tell the story of their characters throughout the campaign and heavily encourage player choice, consequences both positive and negative and self-expression. To give a little example from recent adventure with Rime of the Frostmaiden, a player wanted to create a reason as to why their character was so heavily involved in Ten Towns, the reason was that their character was a member of a cult that wants to overtake Bryn Shander and change the politics of Icewind Dale to a magiocracy. Which to me as a DM that loves big ambitious goals and gives us so much back and forth. About my experience I've been DMing and playing since 2nd edition but my true development came around 3.5 and now 5e. I have about 11 000 hours on Roll20 alone, not to mention in person and just online on another platforms. A very simple way to describe my games is a more serious roleplay and character focused campaign. For any of you who are lovers of the RPG genre would be Dragon Age or the Neverwinter games for the online territory. I am a big fan of Matt Colville and many other youtubers/streamers like him.

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I enjoy a more roleplay heavy games but combat is a great break of pace, a resolution method and let's be honest shoving your sword into a dragon's eye is pure epic fun.

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