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About me

Firstly, I am a disabled Veteran, so with that in mind know I have nothing but free time to spend making my campaigns a fun and enjoyable experience. With that knowledge in mind know that i have been playing since I was 13 and am now 47. I have played and DM'd systems from 1st edition DND to 5th edition. As well as most of White Wolf catalog and many others that are no longer in print. I mainly play homemade campaigns, with a few house rules. I love all things fantastical and creative. I enjoy intricate backstories and I'm a sucker for good RP. I do take on fresh players who have never played before and I am the type of DM who will help you learn in a pleasant environment. So, if you want to play with a DM who is open minded and ready to make a fun campaign for everyone involved to enjoy, and have a few laughs on the way just look me up.

GM style

I firstly love a good story, but I believe every good story has to have it's gritty, hanging on by the skin of your teeth tactical combat. I love freethinking. Sometimes the rules were made to be bent a little if it errs on the side of the players or makes something more realistic. For me there is nothing better than when I make an over-the-top encounter that the players think their way out of. I like to see well thought out and enjoyable characters that make sense in a fantasy or for that matter whatever setting i'm running... From Dragonlance to Vampire the Masquerade if the characters want a fun ride, with some laughs on the way i'm the man for you.


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