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Michelle C
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Rule of Cool, Storytelling

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About me

Hello, I'm Michelle I started playing and GMing TTRPGs more frequently back in 2018. It was around that time I played my first D&D Adventurers League game and I was hooked. The idea of having a character that could travel from one table to another and interact with this large immersive world, was really appealing to me. This is idea of larger than life stories has really influenced both my play and GM style. As dreadful as the pandemic was, the only thing I'm thankful for was the opportunity to experience so many virtual games. It was during this time I was really able to develop my skills as a GM with groups like Unite the Factions, AL Nordic and later Baldman Games. In addition to GMing I love writing both fiction and TTRPGS. I mostly write through DMS Guild, and my titles include Gold Best Seller Waterdeep: Kitten Rescue. (which I've had the absolute joy of seeing played by other GMs on Start Playing Games) I run mostly D&D 5e, and I'm a big Forgotten Realms dork. Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is my favourite hardcover adventure. Many of my campaigns and one shots draw inspiration from that storyline. I also think the Underdark is so neat, and I love spiders. I have four pet Tarantulas: Baenre, Fireball, Brian with a Y and Prath. Any day I get to create stories about cozy caves and geek out about spiders is a great day.

GM style

I tend to be a very roleplay and social focused DM. I like creating interesting stories, and giving players opportunities to explore their characters. I can do dark and dangerous epics where the world is in dire need of heroes.... but my favorite is when I can take those frightening locations and just make them delightful. What is an intellect devourer if not an adorable brain puppy? I run mostly one shot adventures, but I try to make them feel as enjoyable as a full length campaign. I know not every player has the ability to commit to a multi session but even if you're playing a pre generated character I want it to feel like their part of the story. Players are welcome to reach out prior to the game to let me know if there is anything that I can do to make your experience more enjoyable. During game play I occasionally do roundtables where I ask what each character is doing. I do not typically use webcams during games, but if it is something players prefer I am happy to accommodate.

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