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About me

I love storytelling. I have been a professional theatre practitioner since 1998, working as an actor, designer, and director at one time or another. Now I teach students how to tell stories daily as a college professor. In 2007 I picked up a copy of World of Warcraft and two years later discovered roleplay servers. For 11 years, I constantly roleplayed, creating new characters and developing new storylines, all within the confines of a video game. Finally, at the ripe old age of 40, I was introduced to DnD. I was hesitant at first but began to enjoy the ability to create stories without those confines found in video games. Four years later, I guide other players through adventures and storylines so they can find the love of storytelling ingrained in me. Outside of storytelling, I am an artist, designer, mentor, and lover of all things geeky. I may embarrass my children sometimes, but I try to instill a love of imagination in all I work with.

GM style

Finding the right Dungeon Guide is important. I use the term Dungeon Guide rather than Dungeon Master or Game Master, as I feel it is my job to guide you through the adventure. My main focus these days is Pathfinder 2E and Root RPG. Though these are two vastly different systems, they allow me to tell the stories I enjoy. I'll begin by saying I am beginner friendly. As a professor, I enjoy teaching, and many of my Pathfinder 2E players have played their very first PF2E game with me. Teaching them the basics and advanced strategy in the game is fun for me. That means sometimes I give hints that other DMs might not. For me, it's about the enjoyment of the game. I like the crunch in PF2E. I like the lack of crunch in Root RPG. I like drama, and I like comedy. In the end, though, I love when my players end a session with smiles on their faces.


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