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About me

OK let's get this out of the way first of all, my players gave me my nickname. I would have preferred "Morally Ambivalent DM" but I guess it doesn't roll off the tongue. I definitively prefer story over grinding and fun over rules. I am probably not the DM for you if your focus is on min-maxing, xp farming, or body counts. I am more for people who love story, comedy, drama, and cool moments. 5e is pretty good at keeping the rules simple for more focus on fun, but if a rule gets in the way of that I am more than happy to alter it or throw it out entirely. Things I like: Letting everyone get a chance to shine, player driven story, making choices matter, laughing till I'm crying at the crazy thing my player did that I never saw coming. Things I don't like: Disrespecting other players at the table and the year 2020 (seriously can this year be over yet?) I also do not believe in "Gatekeeping". I welcome anyone who wants to roll some (virtual) dice, have a great time, and can grant everyone else at the table respect. You don't have to be someone who has played for years to enjoy this game. In fact I have taught probably 60+ people how to play in the various editions and would encourage everyone to try it at least once. I learned when I was 11 and it was a great age to get into the hobby. It is a game for everyone where the goal is to have fun, not "win". I think it is even more important now in a age of social media when people seem to stay further apart than ever. We could use something to bring us back together for some fun human interaction. That being said, I did earn the name Evil DM for a reason, your going to have to earn your victory adventurers. For some secrets were meant to be buried and dragons do not part with their treasure lightly. It is dangerous out there and the risk is great. Do you have what it takes to prevail where so many before have failed? Gather your courage, your magic, your weapons, and your friends! Enough of this chit chat, there is a world out there that needs saving!!! I you want to know more about me head to

GM style

Definitely roleplaying and funny voices over super crunchy math. I am actually really good at math and can do all the calculations quickly but most players don't seem to enjoy it. I really like how 5E simplified the game. That being said I played most of my life either 2nd, 3.5, or pathfinder. I could teach you guys thac0 if you want (hint, you don't).

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