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About me

Hello! I'm Thomas and I have a huge love for TTRPGs. I have been drawn to the fantasy and sci-fi genres since a young age and TTRPGs give me a creative place for my world building ideas. My main focus is D&D 5e but I enjoy many different game systems like Star Wars, Pathfinder, and Cyberpunk. Getting to bring others into my works as a GM is a ton of fun for me. I love being able to introduce people into my ideas and let them help shape the worlds. I think collaborative storytelling is a really cool experience that can take something small and make it big. I try to keep pace, but not force players down a certain path as I feel it's not as much fun telling a one sided story. In my games players are free to make their choices and play their characters in the way they feel. I encourage RP and creativity, but I will not make players do things they don't want to. I take pride in being patient and understanding and I acknowledge everyone is different. Join me and let your character come to life and make their choices. React to the world and watch it react to you! Hope to see you at the table!

GM style

I enjoy the cooperative story telling side of the game. This at time means that I will bend rules in order to create a more interesting story if the moment dictates. I will still er on the side of RAW though for calls and I try to decipher how the world would react to each action in a realistic way. I also like to do voices and give my NPCs personality, agendas, attitudes, and more. I try to make sure my players are having fun and like getting feedback on how they felt the session was. The goal is to create a fun experience for everyone. Having a gritty hardcore game that tracks eating, sleeping, and drinking water is something I'm game for as well with the right group.

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