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About me

♬Do Harm, Take Shit♬ (In character of course) Hello all! I am Darren, or Dabo if you prefer, and I love running unique settings and I'd be more than happy to Worldbuild a custom setting for you and your group ^^ My top three priorities as a DM are~ 1) Player Agency 🎲: A Player's Character can be really important to them, often times a player will take an aspect of themselves or a characteristic that they want to instill within themselves and build their whole character around that idea. Sometimes Players want to see someone that they relate to, and feel represented by, to succeed in trying conditions. Sometimes they want to see a character that represents an aspect of them, that can be problematic at times, receive a redemption arc. It's important to me that if a Player embarks on a Journey of the Self through their character, that they have autonomy over what routes they take and feel like they achieved something meaningful along the way. In my perspective; D&D Can be Therapeutic 2) Role Play 🎭: I personally don't really enjoy a meaningless Hack'and'Slash game all that much, I find them dry and unpalatable. I prefer High RP games, and I'm cool with characters who pick fights, I'd just ask that they have more depth to them than being a one-note-murder-hobo 3) World Building 🌍: Sometimes I enjoy the prep before games so much that I consider just writing a setting book for other groups to use instead. I looooove writing out the nitty gritty, getting into crevices that, honestly, may never be dug into. And NPCs?? I live for them!!! I really believe that NPCs can make or break a Campaign, Sandbox, or whatever you're playing in I tend to run games more Sandbox-y, but am more than capable of planning out a campaign. I've been running homebrew games for years, and have multiple settings to choose from as is Hope to hear from you soon :)

GM style

Non-Authoritarian~ Not here to play cop, I'm rules flexible as long as if you aren't breaking the fun Agency Oriented~ Super invested in Player's personal goals and will revolve games around them High RP~ NPCs and World Happenings are important to me, and aim for Players to be immersed in the setting I'm happy with Dark and Gritty, as well as Happier Lighter themes

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