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Kavanagh AKA Flamingo in the Dungeon
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Kavanagh AKA Flamingo in the Dungeon he/him

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About me

Hello, my name is Kav, your friendly neighborhood Flamingo in the Dungeon. I have played in and run TTRPG's for eight years. My experience lies mostly in DND 5E, but I have also explored other TTRPG's like Dungeon Crawl Classics, the Fate System, etc. I have experience running both one-shots and multi-year campaigns in a variety of settings and genres with multiple groups. I love TTRPG's and the stories that come from the emergent and collaborative storytelling between DM and players. I believe that listening to players and crafting a game they want is incredibly important. It is a game that everyone should enjoy playing together after all! As a result, feel free to request specific genres and/or adventure modules. I have run a variety of genres including dark fantasy, gothic horror, ancient greek, steampunk, high fantasy, and low fantasy settings but I am open to running any genre if you have specific requests. For those wanting to play particular adventure modules, I have the most experience running Curse of Strahd, and Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but I am happy to run other adventure modules by request. If any of this interests you come by my dungeon that only slightly smells of brine shrimp, and I hope to see you in a TTRPG game soon! [salutes in flamingo]

GM style

[removes cowl and passes a bowl of brine shrimp with cocktail sauce to you] Welcome, welcome! So you want to know more about my style of GMing you say? As a DM I enjoy running both roleplay and tactical combat. My number one goal when running a game is to provide opportunities for players to play the characters they want to play and experience the features of a TTRPG system they want to experience. I also believe in a safe roleplay environment that respects player requests for approved and unapproved content. I believe TTRPG's are opportunities to explore fantastical worlds, experience new things, and be powerful agents of change. Whether you are fighting psionic platypi or investigating the disappearance of a gnomish emperor I believe the "rule of cool" and the player's enjoyment are paramount to any good game. If any of that interests you, I hope to see you in a game soon!

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