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Hello everyone, Firehouse games here, or just simply Dave if you like. I have been playing TTRPGs for over 20years now, and enjoyed "Almost" every single memory I have built and shared with my friends, as we gathered around the table to roll dice and roleplay our characters. Needless to say, that my love for the rpg industry has grown stronger with each passing game without hesitation and is still strong to this day. Those are the feelings that brought me to cultivate a passion that burns as bright as the first day. I thoroughly enjoy making sure that my players have as much fun and freedom as possible, to express their creativity through their characters. As a storyteller, I found that nothing is more rewarding then people getting excited for a game. I love the sound of laughter, and the awkward silence of suspense before the fast paced action kicks in! But the ultimate reward, the true Horde, are the friendships forged around a table, as a fantastic story unfolds in our minds and takes us into a world where everything is possible! My favorite genre is definitely gritty realism, and I like to bring it whenever possible, without disrupting the player’s rhythms. I like to build and create adventures tailored around characters, and pre-written modules are definitely not an exception. If you think I'm the right person for you, then don’t be shy. and hit me up. A friendly chat is the worst you are going to get. Cheers : 😁

GM style

I love TTRPG the creative process involved in building a story, most of all the interaction with other people beyond their daily routines. Personally, I like to make adventures gritty and realistic as much as possible, however a good lough is always Welcome at the table... I normally let the players set the pace, from where I build sessions. If players like Combat I'll give them Combat, if players like role play I priorities social interaction. I always got homebrew material which I implement to create gritty realism and offer customisation option for a more organic growth of your character. Nothing brings me more joy then meet that dormant character within you. When I prepare a game, I I go through detail, review the key-points and try to incorporate backstories into the adventure, as much as possible to maximise the significance of each character and their choices. I tend to prefer RAF (Rules As Fun) over RAW (Rules As Written). Creativity is always appreciated and rewarded, as Role-playing is encouraged. I predominantly use foudry vtt, where I dish out all my material and pretty much any available content you can think of. fell free to contact me for a chat to see if we can organise something. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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