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Dan Cross

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Knows the Rules

About me

I am a freelance author who got his start co-authoring the "descriptionary" called Gary Gygax's World Builder for Troll Lord Games, plus Gary Gygax's Insidiae, both part of the Gygaxian Fantasy World series of books (now out of print since his passing). I love to play role-playing games, my primary passion since I was ten years old discovering the wonder of the D&D Basic Set with my best friend. These days I play not only material of my own creation, but 5E D&D, using DnDBeyond, and I love it! In 1999 I met Gary Gygax and worked with him on the Lejendary Adventures RPG, published by Hekaforge Productions, as well as with Troll Lord Games on his fantasy series. Since then I've been quite active in the RPG community. I co-authored the Eldritch RPG, the 1st edition published by Goodman Games in 2008, and the Revised in 2013 via Kickstarter. More recently I launched my Patreon, penned adventures for the Black Void RPG, and wrote the Jordenheim TRPG for W.R.K.S. Games, based on the Norse-Themed Blood Bond video game. My full list of credits is below for those who are curious to look further. Jordenheim is based on the the Plyphyny System, built upon the inspirational foundation of the Eldritch Role-Playing Game. The Plyphyny System, including its spiritual predecessor Eldritch and the new Jordenheim RPG, is unabashedly narratively and action-oriented, emphasizing story over tactics and does not require miniatures. It is a fast system to pick up and play one-shots for those weekend warriors, but also infinitely customizable for GMs desiring a system to make their own for longer campaigns. Selected Work To Date: Gary Gygax's World Builder (by Gary Gygax and Dan Cross). Troll Lord Games. Gary Gygax's Insidiae (By Dan Cross, edited by Gary Gygax). Troll Lord Games. Eldritch RPG (co-authored with Randall Petras), 1st Edition. Goodman Games Eldritch Revised (co-authored with Randall Petras, with supplemental material by Deiter Zimmerman and Jon Creffield). Crossroads Games. Includes Ainerêve campaign setting (by Peter Schaefer, Dan Cross, Jon Creffield). Those Who Would Be Gods (co-author with Christoffer Sevaldsen and Jon Creffield). Black Void Games. Dark Dealings in the Shaded Souq, a Black Void RPG adventure. Jordenheim RPG, a Plyphyny RPG inspired by Norse myth. I've also been an editor for various Troll Lord Games publications, such as Gaxmoor for 5E. I've also published articles and short stories in Lejends Magazine (Hekaforge Productions), and Crusader Magazine (Troll Lord Games).

GM style

Storytelling takes center stage in my games as I craft a compelling narrative that immerses players deeply into the game world. I encourage them to explore their characters' backgrounds and motivations, weaving these personal elements seamlessly into the broader story. Adaptability is another hallmark of my game mastering style, with a keen ability to tailor the game to my players' interests and playstyles. Like any good GM, I'll adjust challenges, and encounters on the fly, ensuring each session remains engaging and personalized. Player choice and agency are paramount in my games, as I construct scenarios where decisions made by the players have a significant impact on the game world and storyline. I use my Plyphyny RPG in many games and manage my games with a focus on smooth flow and clarity. My goal is to provide clear and straightforward explanations, enabling players to easily grasp and interact with the game mechanics, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.


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