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Chris Deslauriers
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About me

Chris Deslauriers, at your service! As a DM, I create new worlds to meet all my players' requests and tastes. I love enabling both the wacky and the serious, enjoying the creativity people bring to the table. One of my greatest strengths as a DM is my ability to integrate unforeseen events into a story to create a seamless narrative. As a queer person I understand how difficult and important it can be to find a safe gaming environment. I want to provide that. I welcome diverse player groups and take pride in running games that are new-player friendly. An avid reader, professional writer, and all-around geek, I've been playing and DMing regularly for the last 10 years. Since the start of the pandemic, I've been publishing unique content on my Patreon page at I also periodically host live-plays on Twitch, where you can find me at My games on StartPlaying will be primarily using D&D 3.5, D&D 5e and Pathfinder 1e. I am familiar with a wide range of systems and always willing to learn and run different rulesets on request. I hope to catch you at the table sometime!

GM style

A few things about my style of game: - I believe in a strong blend of the combat and roleplay elements when I craft my games. - Session 0s are very important to me. I like to discuss general themes, potential triggers and expectations for everyone at the table. - During games, I like to check in with players, ensuring well-being, comfort and dealing with any sort of issues. - I strongly believe in enabling players to come up with plans and strategies to tackle problems in unusual ways. "Yes, and..." and "No, but..." are how I approach these sorts of circumstances. - I love homebrewing! If my players want something that isn't in the books, I'll invent it myself!


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