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About me

Do you seek to uncover secrets long buried, Battle strange eldritch monstrosities, become a hero to those unable to help themselves? I can provide you with these experiences traveller, for a price of course… Hi gang my name is Dennis or Devillo, sometimes known as Dirty Den or the BDSMDM (a name given to me by my players because of my somewhat cruel but fair treatment of their PC’s). I have been playing TTRPG’s since the early 2000’s, starting with DnD 3.5, then trying to start a campaign in DnD 4e which evolved into my Homebrew setting Voarcel for 5e. As well as other 5e games such as Tomb of Annihilation & Explorers Guide to Wildemount, I have run an ongoing Vampire the Masquerade (V5) game dubbed The Messquerade, all live streamed & archived on Youtube. I take the crafting of a fun, unique immersive experience for my players very seriously, & I endeavor to create & play a diverse cast of characters, support LGBTQ+ players, & create a safe enjoyable experience for EVERYONE at my table. While DnD5e & VtM are the two systems I have streamed a bunch of, I am also deeply into Call of Cthulhu (7th edition) & have run a bunch of private games for friends off camera. I am also hoping to one day play a bunch of other games professionally, including other World of Darkness games such as Werewolf, Changeling & Mage 20th, Kids on Bikes, Alien, Cyberpunk Red, Doctor Who, Labyrinth, & many more…

GM style

Whenever I run a game I try to focus on whatever the key aspect of the system or game is, for example, in DnD I tend to build creative tactical combat involving interesting locations, as well as let the Players explore unique character builds. Whereas in Call of Cthulhu the focus is on avoiding combat where possible & instead using various skills to uncover ancient mysteries without losing one's mind in the process, and in Vampire I like to focus on the inter-character relationships & the PC’s nightly struggle between their humanity & their Beast. Each of these games require different presentation methods, & I switch from Theater of the Mind to more detailed Grid Based combat as necessary. Pretty much all my games do have an emphasis on roleplay & are story heavy, but never to the detriment of the game itself. While things may get dark and dangerous for the characters, the last thing I want is for my players to feel uncomfortable or ill at ease. The whole point is having fun after all, so breaks, safety tools such as trigger warnings in advance & mutual respect are essential at my table. I usually run a session Zero where everyone gets to know each other, builds their characters together & establishes connections to not just each other, but the world and overarching narrative we have planned. The plan is to ensure nobody feels lost or that their time isn't wasted, everyone has their moment to shine & get their turn to achieve something. I don’t accept ‘Plot-Twists’ or ‘Surprise Betrayals.’ This is a collaborative story we are ALL making together, if you have an idea we can discuss it, but no ‘sudden villain’ arcs in my games. I run the majority of my games using Foundry, with a variety of different extensions used to help immerse my players into whichever type of game we are playing. In-game music is handled by Foundry, Voice Chat is run using Discord. Webcams are not needed for my games. Average game time is 3 Hours +.


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