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About me

Love D&D, but don't know how to find people you're comfortable playing with? You're not alone. I remember that feeling clearly and I always keep it in mind when I'm creating games. I write games with a fun and lighthearted feel that are well suited to players of any experience level and play style that are not only exciting but also very inclusive to everyone. With an emphasis on humor and creativity I deliver completely homebrewed adventures that encourage every player to participate and really have a great time. I started my journey as a DM the way most adventurers do, in a tavern. There I became one of the Admins for a local series of drop in D&D games that ran weekly. Quickly what started with one table in the corner turned into filling most of the bar and required more DMs and more adventures causing me to write a new and interesting one-shot for nearly every session. Since then I have also ran several fully homebrewed 5e campaigns with some really talented players. These worlds have ranged from warring countries with expansive underground civilizations to a thousand year future where the Feywild has collapsed and fused with our world bringing about a new world of adventurers. While my true love is D&D I have also dabbled in Call of Cthulhu, Vampire: the Masquerade, Masks, and a couple other 2d6 systems.

GM style

What I love about being a GM is that you can never really know what the players are going to do so I always try to keep my games in a fun improvisational tone with an emphasis on adapting to rapidly changing situations. I like to encourage players to make bold choices and encourage creative solutions. I take a my more laid back attitude and embrace the rule of cool while still having a firm understanding of the game rules and mechanics. I also try to get at least one if not two combat encounters in every one shot to give players a chance to use their fun abilities with these sometimes single use characters but don't let that fool you I am a big fan players who are clever enough to subvert combat entirely. Come to me for a mix of combat and role play all smashed into a 3-4 hour session.


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