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Arthur G
Game Designer

3 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

A warm welcome to one and all, but especially friends to all things that creep and crawl, the strange and the macabre. Make yourself comfortable by the fireside and let's tell a story together. I'm Arthur (he/him), the queer resident swamp vampire, or possibly just 3 gators in a trenchcoat. I'm a big fan of the weird, spooky, and strange and bring my enthusiasm for horror to the table whether that be skulking through the alleys of Miskatonic, roaming the Mists of Ravenloft, or avoiding the grinding gears of the eternal political machine of the Danse Macabre. I strive to create worlds that players can get lost in. I create NPCs with compelling backstories. And I like using music and props to help make the story more immersive. But above all, I'm the biggest fan of my players and the stories they want to tell. I've been GMing for over a decade since college. I've made lifelong friendships through this wonderfully weird hobby. There have been many systems that have come and gone over the years, but one thing remains constant: The hunger for fulfilling stories centered on the player characters. I also try to make my table as inclusive as possible. I've been able to explore many aspects of my identity thanks to tabletop games and understand how vital having that space can be. Session 0s are a must for the group to talk out what is and isn't appropriate for our table, and I am a firm believer in safety tools such as lines/veils and the X card. I'm always excited to introduce new folks to the hobby so never fear! (Except d4s. Do fear those, they're the worst to find underfoot) So grab a character sheet, light a candle, and huddle in close. The night is long and dark, but there are friends around this fire, and I can't wait to hear the tales you will tell.

GM style

I'm a narrative-focused GM who loves the role in roleplay. One of the biggest strengths of ttrpgs is the ability to use characters to explore interesting ideas in a fictional space. I create my games by asking what kinds of themes are the players interested in exploring at Session 0. Is the group interested in big heroics or smaller personal stories? Superhero feats of strength or humble moments of survival? From there, I work with the players to explore the different ways they feel like their character can grow. I always want to learn more about the characters the players bring to the table and will always follow the player's lead on what kind of stories they want to tell. Running off the rails in modules is both expected and encouraged. Whether it be the grueling trials of diving through an inhospitable dungeon, or the mystery of untangling the web of political intrigue, I pride myself on being flexible to the needs of the players. I'm a drama king so expect twists, turns, and cliffhangers before the session's end. 👑 If you want a peek at how I run my table, you can check out this one-shot I did as a charity reward for the Youtube channel Extra Credits:


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