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About me

I have been GMing since I was 10 years old. I started with D&D, migrated to Dragonlance, and fell in love with Science Fiction. Some of my Science Fiction influences are from books, movies and television shows like: Robotech, Battletech, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars, Foundation Series (books), Dune Saga (books), Babylon 5, Starship Troopers, Killjoys, The Expanse just to name a few. I love Sci-Fi Stories and Alternate History Stories, and a want to share my gaming experience with the players participating in my Games. "Role Play has the power to create... to destroy... to change civilizations as we know them... " I do not post hype or bogus reviews, and will always let my work stand for itself. Contact me if you are looking for a GM and lets determine together if your project is a good fit.

GM style

MY Brass Tacks Ladies and Gents: One-Offs and Campaigns will have; - Background Music - Ambient Sound Effects - Action Sound Effects - Pre-recorded Voice Overs for major episode cutscenes. - High level of planning and layout goes into every session. ----- GM Mechanics will display various pics and maps to convey an idea and help players acclimate to their surrounds at any given time during the session. - Every Session will have a Round-Robin where each player will be able to discuss their thoughts on; ----- "Mechanics of the Game" ----- "Narrative of the Game" ----- "Misc Items" ----- "MVP Vote" ----- Your group's feedback will constantly be re-integrated back into the One-Offs and Campaigns that I run. It all helps to make for better stories. MY QUOTE OF THE DAY... "The power of a waterfall is immense and roars aloud with furious anger... The thing to remember is... they all start with but a whisper... and a single drop... " - Unknown Ancient Proverb -


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