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Hey everyone, I'm Troy, I'm 27, and I've been playing DnD 5e for a little over a year and a half now, but have always been interested in DnD, RPG games, and other fantasy works since I was younger. I get a lot of enjoyment being creative as possible and am a hardcore believe in the rule of cool. I enjoy switching it up and adding new and interesting homebrew monsters and mechanics to make combat a lot more than roll to hit and roll for damage. I've been a DM quite a few times for some oneshots and even a small level 4-7 campaign. I use FoundryVTT for my games and I have an active license. You do not need to pay anything. I will be doing these free as I get a better handle and get more experience. I use a lot of maps/images due to having aphantasia so not a fan of theater of the mind style games. There will be a map for the towns, inns, and shops. I love making exciting characters and hopefully once I run more oneshots under my belt I would like to start an Eberron Campaign as it is my favorite setting.

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