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I've been goofing around with RPG's since 1981, when I first purchased such games as "Top Secret", "Champions", "Traveller" and "Call of C'thulhu". Now I'm looking to get serious and start running some games, meeting new people and just generally having fun in my early retirement.

GM style

I've been playing RPG's since dinosaurs ruled the earth, and I love helping folks new to the hobby learn how to play "Call of C'thulhu"! I'm not a fan of Rules Lawyers, Min/Maxers, nor I'm The Main Character type players. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the gaming experience. I tend to run relaxed, fun games, spiced up with a bit of horror, detective work and roleplaying. You will find that to keep the emphasis on roleplaying and the Theater of the Mind, I don't have players roll dice a great deal.

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