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About me

I've been playing and DMing TTRPG's for over 30 years now. I got my start in D&D, of course, but have played a lot of different games. Long before I even was introduced to roleplaying games I loved making monster, and could not get enough of any video game RPG's. These days I focus on Pathfinder 2e, creating my own world, running games on a west marches discord channel, playing in actual play podcast "Roll for Intent" as well as working on a product review show. I've been wanting to branch out and work on game design full time so I can publish my world, but I thought I would also start to share my project with any who want to participate. You will be playing in my home brew world of Chondara (which I have been working on for over 20 years). I have plenty of information for you to get a feel of where you will start playing, so don't worry about that.

GM style

I'm a very easy going person and want my players to enjoy themselves and have fun. I'm always happy to help players when they're stuck, but I let them think for themselves and also deliver consequences for their actions (looking at you murder hobos). Just because you seen an enemy doesn't always mean you should rush out and fight it, and while I would never force players to fight a more powerful foe that does not mean such things don't exist. I provide lots of treasure because, again, I want my players to have fun. Also there is more to your characters life than treasure. Maybe they want to make roots, buy a house or business? These things take money so I want you to be able to do what you want. If my players want something outside the box I'm always willing to work with them and come to an agreement. I play games over discord and on Talespire. I adore Talespire's immersion and its always improving. Players can make characters on whatever they like, pathbuilder, wanderers guide, etc. I do not require public rolls so you are welcome to use all your beloved math rocks!

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