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Hi, I'm Seán. A game master of 7+ years and a TTRPGer for over 10 at this point. Since the panini I've bounced between jobs a fair bit as many have, and have recently decided to try giving running public games a shot in hopes of being able to step away from traditional employment. I'm a big ol Tolkien and fantasy nerd, favourite books, games, shows and movies include LOTR, The Dresden Files, Avatar the Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. I live in the Scottish borders, a little while out from Edinburgh. So while I'll mostly be running games online, get in touch if you'd like to arrange an in person game!

GM style

I believe strongly in the three pillars of roleplay, at my table I try to ensure there's something for everyone. Many of my players have one or more pillars they really enjoy so I try to create a balance between the three. I'll try to find a time to get players along for a session zero, though when that isn't possible I'll share a google doc with you all that you can fill out as you go to ensure I know what you want from the game. Each session you should get some combat, some exploration, and a chance to roleplay. I try to avoid number crunching where possible, in the interest of speeding the game up, and generally run the game on a sandbox mindset. Wherever you want to go as the party, that's where we go. Do you want to check out the quests in the tavern? Or try your hand at slaying a dragon? It's your story. While I'll primarily be running modules for the first few sessions I tend to veer away from their storylines fairly quickly and use them as more of a jumping off point and a reason for your characters to get to know one another. Once my players start coming up with their own ideas of where they want to go, and what they want to do, I play into that. I find D&D is a lot more fun and rewarding when players make their own stories.

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